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(Class of 2022) I cannot overstate how much Ann helped me navigate the exceedingly complex college admissions process and simplify it down to manageable steps! When I think of my experience working with Ann and her team, I think of the words "responsible"—everything was so well organized, and at every step of the way there was a clear, defined "game plan," from senior year courses to college lists to interview training. And when I say organized, I mean *organized* with Google Docs, spreadsheets, and folders galore. I received very frequent communication from Ann and her team; during larger meetings or when asking simple questions, I got quick and clear responses that helped me focus my time and energy on what mattered. I was initially stuck choosing between which college to apply early to—when I asked Ann (multiple times, in fact), her to-the-point advice gave me the confidence to apply early to Yale, which ultimately translated into an acceptance letter! Ann and her team ware so motivated to help me succeed, yet also so caring, patient, and understanding. They did everything they could to make the process just a little easier on me: encouraging emails, frequent deadline reminders, and so many helpful resources and guides. The fact that I could ask Ann questions at any time via email was just so reassuring, and I felt confident in the application decisions I was making. I felt like she became almost another parent to me. I am certain that I would never had been able to get accepted to the college of my dreams without Ann.

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