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Ann Lee is a graduate of Harvard University, a former Harvard Undergraduate Admissions Interviewer, and a former California public school English teacher. She earned her Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times ( article here ).  Although Ann Lee has helped many students of different backgrounds and nationalities, the majority of her experience has been with the Asian and the Asian American communities. She is the #1 most experienced counselor for U.S. college admissions for Asian students. Ann Lee has been counseling students since 2002 for over 18 years, serving over 10,000 students from all over the world.

Dave Kim is also a graduate of Harvard University, and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He brings intimate knowledge of the college admissions process, politics, and dynamics. In addition, his corporate background in edtech, fintech, cybersecurity, and e-Commerce bring experience in time management, interviews, resumes, and other soft skills and personal qualities that can help students in college admissions and beyond.

Ann Lee and Dave Kim are the wife-and-husband Harvard duo focused on counseling for a small, select group of students. Ann and Dave interview every potential student and accept only a handful each year. Ann was born and raised in California while Dave was born in Nebraska and raised in Oregon, New Jersey, and California. They are graduates of the K-12 public school system, and personally know just how difficult the academic hurdles are for students who wish to excel. With their personal, educational, and professional experiences, Ann Lee and Dave Kim are fully equipped to help the youth generation realize their fullest academic potential and are passionate about helping their students succeed.

“Everyone plays tennis. Everyone wants to be a doctor, and write about immigrating to America. You can’t get in with these cliche applications.”

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Our Vision

Ann and Dave are dedicated lifelong educators, committed to responsible mentorship. Promoting the philosophy of "Character First," they emphasize the no-shortcut, well-earned path of integrity to excellence and success. The skills, motivation, and confidence gained through ALC will benefit students beyond their academic careers and follow them for the rest of their lives.

ALC is a boutique program for the few, select students who want only the highest quality, customized guidance so that they can clearly define their academic and college goals and then reach those goals confidently and successfully.

Partial proceeds are donated to charities and nonprofits.

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Ann Lee's Podcast

Learn more about Ann Lee's advice, suggestions, and views on important topics in education and college admissions by listening to the "Asian Parenting for College Success" podcast!

Dr. Leslie Ann Rabena


Dr. Leslie Rabena was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, California. She graduated  magna cum laude with a degree in Biology and minor in Psychology from Mount St. Mary’s University. Her calling for optometry sparked when she began working at an optometry office in her hometown. She completed optometry school at Southern California College of Optometry. In her free time, she likes to workout, travel, and spend time with her husband and their dog Brody.

Dr. Justin Wong


Dr. Justin Wong is a true born and raised Southern Californian. He grew up in Yorba Linda, completed his undergraduate education at UC Irvine with a degree in Psychology and minor in Biology, and is a graduate from the Southern California College of Optometry. His clinical training includes rotations at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, Wellish Vision Institute Laser and Surgery Center in Las Vegas, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Dr. Carla Chiu


Dr. Carla Chiu grew up in San Gabriel, California. While she was at UCLA, she found her love for optometry while working at the Optomety clinic at school and going on medical missions. She graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology and went on to optometry school at the Southern California College of Optometry. When not working, she enjoys running, baking, and drinking lots of boba with her husband.


Optometric Intern Supervisor

Daisy is a UCLA graduate, Go BRUINS!!! She aspires to be an Optometrist that gives back to her community. She loves to travel back and forth between Orange County and Mexico to help with FLOE to give exams and partake in health fairs. Her goal is to provide eye exams and glasses to those who do not have that luxury readily available to them.



I’ve been in the field of ophthalmology/optometry for 7 years. I enjoy bringing out my passion for fashion in the selecting the best frame for our patients needs. I am a food connoisseur. I am also a coffee addict always looking for the next best coffee joint. I love my Cali teams so much I had to name my dog after the G.O.A.T Kobe. GO LAKERS!!!


Optometric Assistant

I have lived in Orange County my whole life. I recently graduated from UCI with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. I originally wanted to be an engineer, but realized it was not for me, and am thrilled to have found optometry instead! During my free time, I like to read, study languages, and visit friends and family.

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We are currently accepting new Class of 2025-28 students. Spots are very limited and being taken quickly; we only accept a few students each year to protect the quality of our counseling program.