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(Class of 2021) Today, I can easily imagine my college application journey having ended in a different place, since I went into the process with many preconceived notions that drained at my confidence. I am so grateful that I found Ann, because despite not having top-notch awards nor even flawless grades, I was encouraged and steadily supported by her into bringing the best out of my own experiences. Instead of getting stuck on what I didn't have, she helped me home in on the unique, sometimes intangible, aspects of my story that I might have otherwise overlooked. Much later, my admissions reader sent me a note (after I was admitted), mentioning what had stood out about me; it reaffirmed that Ann's insights had been spot-on. And amazingly, for all of her experience and wisdom, Ann is also incredibly open-minded and transparent. Although she is probably reputable enough to make her suggestions and leave it at that, Ann always explains her reasoning, and she is also willing and patient enough to painstakingly discuss any alternative ideas (I had a lot). I found discussions with her to be just as valuable as straightforward advice, so I loved how she made sure to strike a balance between the two, during our meetings. I felt truly heard throughout the year I worked with Ann, and as a result, grew intellectually bolder and more creative as a writer and a person.

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