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(Class of 2017) The special thing about Ann Lee Consulting is that it goes beyond any of your expectations from a college counsellor. The extra time and care that Ms. Lee puts into each and every student is exponential - she emailed me encouraging messages the night before important exams, always ensured that my hopes and mood were positive but realistic, and continued to offer support throughout the many months that I went through her program. Her email reply rate is insane - despite being pregnant and getting sick before our last meeting, she made no excuses for herself and continued to work diligently on my application. This is just one example of her amazing work ethic. Despite entering the program late with very little preparation, almost no standardized testing completed, and a weak background education, Ms. Lee, took my circumstances and turned my weaknesses into advantages! It is no exaggeration to say that I would not have gotten any of the acceptances I did without Ms. Lee's customized unique admissions strategies that work so well. She is truly an outstanding educator and understands her students just as well as the college application game.

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