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MIT Admitted Student

(Class of 2018) Ann Lee was such an incredible source of guidance, advice, and support while I was applying to college. I am truly blessed to have found her – she is leagues beyond any other college counseling service in terms of experience and guidance. Ann provided detailed, thorough advice on every aspect of my application, from choosing majors for each college to my Activities descriptions on the Common App. She greatly improved my essays with her personalized feedback and extensive edits, turning them into masterpieces. Whenever I doubted myself, she was always there to encourage me and support me emotionally as well. With her quick email replies and personalized attention, Ann transformed the tumultuous college application process into a much smoother ride for me. I highly recommend Ann Lee Consulting to anyone looking for a diligent, dedicated college counselor.

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Please note that all of our counseling programs are full at this time for Class of 2021-2022 students. We will be accepting new students again in January 2022. We only accept a few students each year to protect the quality of our counseling program.