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MIT Accepted Student

(Class of 2022) Ann’s guidance through the college application process has been extremely helpful and thorough. By providing specific and motivated feedback and essays as well as brainstorming, Ann helps to bring out our unique characteristics and accomplishments, and express them in a way to make them stand out. Even helping with recommendation letter requests, brag sheets, and summer program essays helps to ensure every part of the process goes smoothly. Additionally, by helping me create my college lists and majors, I have gained much insight into my future and where my path will take me. When actually filling out applications, Ann’s feedback and focus on specifics and nuances has helped improve my overall image as a college applicant, and saved me from potential errors. Overall, the structured design of Ann’s program provides motivation to complete all items efficiently and without delay.

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Please note that all of our counseling programs are full at this time for Class of 2021-2022 students. We will be accepting new students again in January 2022. We only accept a few students each year to protect the quality of our counseling program.