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Harvard Admitted Student

(Class of 2021) I first talked with Ann during a one-on-one Zoom call. At the time, I was considering whether or not to have a college counselor, and out of the four college counselors I talked with, I felt that Ann was the most open and insightful. She had this ability to get you to talk about your experiences and link those that are the most impactful together, which not only helped me tremendously with brainstorming, but also made me view myself and my experiences in a new light. My first drafts would usually be too long, and I wouldn’t know what to cut, but Ann and her [editors] knew exactly which parts were important and gave me tips to develop them further while cutting down on the other information. Most importantly, Ann was a friend who cheered me on through the entire college application experience. Looking back, my application process certainly wouldn’t have been as valuable without Ann.

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Please note that all of our counseling programs are full at this time for Class of 2021-2022 students. We will be accepting new students again in January 2022. We only accept a few students each year to protect the quality of our counseling program.