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Columbia Admitted Student

(Class of 2020) When my mom first insisted we go look for a college counselor, I was skeptical at best. "What does a college counselor really do?" I thought, and (I believe) I asked Ann during the first interview. Plus, almost every other student that has went through the college admissions process confessed to having used a counselor but also argued vehemently against them. To me, it felt like the bandwagon effect turned into highway robbery: everyone recognized they weren't the most helpful or worth the money, but no one wanted to be the only one without one. Even this year I had friends who were students of larger college counseling organizations like ----. With that being said, Ann's counseling services were different. My experience with Ann made me reconsider and ultimately revise that belief. With Ann, I grew to genuinely appreciate her insight when working on my essays (something that, again, is shockingly not the norm). I really do respect her college editing team and organization techniques. And most of all, I could tell Ann really went the extra mile to show she cared about me beyond just her classes. She went above and beyond to get to know me and offer me more personalized advice. In this industry, Ann is a diamond in the rough. I can't stress enough how thankful I am for her resources, her education, and her help. I would not be the same applicant, nor the same person, without her.

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Please note that all of our counseling programs are full at this time for Class of 2021-2022 students. We will be accepting new students again in January 2022. We only accept a few students each year to protect the quality of our counseling program.