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Brown Admitted Student

(Class of 2020) Ann is amazing! Ann is a great listener and really tried to understand me as a person during this process. She always encouraged me to aim higher and helped to bring out the best of me while staying true to my passions and goals. Unlike other consultants who tried to erase my current passions and personality to remold me for applications, Ann fully supported me to build upon who I am and what I love, which I deeply appreciate. In this college application process, I did not have to lose myself in pursuit of appealing to certain top colleges; in fact, I was able to play up my strengths and have fun. With Ann, I felt very comfortable sharing my ideas and dreams, and she took away a lot of my stress as I completed my applications. Instead of worrying about where I may not measure up to certain standards, I felt like I was really given the opportunity to shine with my own personality and passions presenting to the schools I love. I’m really happy with my application results and I feel like I reached my full potential and found the best fit for my next four years!

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