Class of 2020 Results:  Students have committed to attending Harvard (2, both turned down Stanford REA), Princeton (2), MIT (2), Columbia (2), Carnegie Mellon (2), Cornell (2), Caltech (1), Brown (1), USC (Marshall) (1), USC (Engineering) (1), NYU (1), UCLA (1), Smith (1), UCI (1), Georgia Tech (1), UIUC (1), UW Seattle (2), UC Davis (1)

Class of 2019 Results Students are now attending Stanford (1), Harvard (1), Princeton (1), MIT (1), Caltech (1), Brown (1), UChicago (1), Penn (1), UC Berkeley (EECS & CS) (5), Carnegie Mellon (CS) (1), and UCI (CS) (1)

Class of 2018 Results:  Students are now attending Stanford (3), Harvard (1), MIT (1), Princeton (1), UC Berkeley (EECS) (2), UC Berkeley (M.E.T.) (1), Northeastern (1), UCLA (1), USC (2)

Ann Lee has helped more than 10,000 students get accepted into top colleges in the U.S. during her career.  With a proven track record helping students since 2002, here are some testimonials below.

Testimonial from Student Accepted to Harvard (High School Graduate Class of 2020)

"Through the many turbulent steps of the college application process, Ann is a wonderful college counselor who helps her students in every way possible. In the summer before senior year, Ann's essay seminars and essay-writing schedules tailored to each student's summer obligations help her students stay on track and ready for the year. While my classmates scrambled to write their Common App essays and supplementals in time for the deadlines during first semester senior year, I was already submitted and waiting for results, thanks to Ann. With her years of experience, Ann helps students navigate a process that would otherwise be very daunting. During our biweekly meetings, Ann reviewed the materials I would be sending to each college deeply and thoughtfully, answering all my questions along the way. Even after all my applications were submitted, Ann continued to provide guidance, checking in with me to talk about my interviews, help me write update letters, and celebrate my acceptances. I was even able to call Ann while I was struggling to decide what college to commit to, long after we finished officially working together. I'm so thankful to have had Ann as my college counselor! She truly cares about her students, not only as prospective applicants but as people, and it shows in the level of success her students reach, in the college admissions sphere and beyond."

Testimonial from Parent of Student Accepted to Cornell (High School Graduate Class of 2020)

We contacted Ann Lee when our son was a sophomore in high school and were concerned that we were too late to formulate a college plan for him, but Ann reassured us that she would work with us to get him into the right program at the right college.  She asked our son questions about what he was interested in pursuing as a career and then worked backwards to suggest which schools had the best programs in that field.  She laid out a comprehensive plan for each year of high school and which classes and activities to do.  She assisted in the college application process and really took the guesswork out of it for us.  What I really loved about Ann's program is that she had a schedule for my son to follow in terms of working on each part of the college application so that he wasn't suddenly working on his essays at the last minute and rushing to get his applications in on time.  We plan on using her services again for our other 2 children!  ​

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College Application Consulting for 11th-12th Grades

Ann Lee is a graduate of Harvard University, a former Harvard Undergraduate Admissions Interviewer, and a former California public school English teacher. She earned her Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times.  She is the #1 most experienced counselor for U.S. college admissions for Asian students.  Ann Lee has been counseling students since 2002 for over 18 years, serving over 10,000 students...

Academic Counseling for 8th-10th Grades

Ann Lee has helped countless students overcome academic obstacles, strengthen and define academic interests, and reach their short-term and long-term academic goals. Through carefully designed programs, Ann Lee can help students define goals, create strategies to meet those goals, and improve grades and test scores with solid accountability and expert support...

Ann Lee has helped students receive thousands of acceptances from top U.S. colleges. Through her structured yet individualized college applications programs, she can help students create accurate college lists, unique essays, and strong application packages to help students stand out in the admissions process...

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