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Ann Lee Consulting is a boutique program for the few, select students who want only the highest quality, customized guidance so that they can clearly define their academic and college goals and then reach those goals confidently and successfully. Ann Lee is a dedicated lifelong educator, committed to responsible mentorship. Promoting the philosophy of "Character First," she emphasizes the no-shortcut, well-earned path of integrity to excellence and success. The skills, motivation, and confidence gained through ALC will benefit students beyond their academic careers and follow them for the rest of their lives.

Partial proceeds are donated to charities and nonprofits.

Ann Lee's Podcast

Learn more about Ann Lee's advice, suggestions, and views on important topics in education and college admissions by listening to the "Asian Parenting for College Success" podcast!  Fill out the "Contact Us" form to be added to the podcast mailing list!

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Who is Ann Lee?

Ann Lee is a graduate of Harvard University, a former Harvard Undergraduate Admissions Interviewer, and a former California public school English teacher. She earned her Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times (article here). She is the #1 most experienced counselor for U.S. college admissions for Asian students. Although Ann Lee has helped many students of different backgrounds and nationalities, the majority of her experience has been with the Asian and the Asian American communities. Ann Lee has been counseling students since 2002 for over 18 years, serving over 10,000 students from all over the world.

Through Ann Lee Consulting, Ann Lee now solely focuses on counseling students herself, but only for a small, select group of students. Ann Lee interviews every potential student and accepts only a handful of students each year. Born and raised in California and a graduate of the K-12 public school system, Ann Lee personally knows just how difficult the academic hurdles are for students who wish to excel. With her personal, educational, and professional experiences, Ann Lee is fully equipped to help the youth generation realize their fullest academic potential and is passionate about helping her students succeed. 

Our Vision


​Class of 2020 Results:  Students have committed to attending Harvard (2, both turned down Stanford REA), Princeton (2), MIT (2), Columbia (2), Carnegie Mellon (2), Cornell (2), Caltech (1), Brown (1), USC (Marshall) (1), USC (Engineering) (1), NYU (1), UCLA (1), Smith (1), UCI (1), Georgia Tech (1), UIUC (1), UW Seattle (2), UC Davis (1)
Class of 2019 Results:  Students are now attending Stanford (1), Harvard (1), Princeton (1), MIT (1), Caltech (1), Brown (1), UChicago (1), Penn (1), UC Berkeley (EECS & CS) (5), Carnegie Mellon (CS) (1), and UCI (CS) (1)
Class of 2018 Results:   Students are now attending Stanford (3), Harvard (1), MIT (1), Princeton (1), UC Berkeley (EECS) (2), UC Berkeley (M.E.T.) (1), Northeastern (1), UCLA (1), USC (2)

Ann Lee has helped more than 10,000 students get accepted into top colleges in the U.S.  With a proven track record helping students since 2002, here are some testimonials below.

Testimonial from Parent of Student Accepted to Princeton for Early Admissions (Class of 2019)

"Ann Lee is the best college counselor I have ever met. She is very professional, responsible, smart, passionate and sincere. From the very beginning, she spent a lot of time communicating with us for knowing all aspects of my kid. She made complete senior year plan with every detail steps and schedules. Her superb execution ability works perfectly for my kid, who is an immature and lack of self-control high school student.  Ann gave detailed and in-depth guidance on my kid’s high school course selection, standard test preparing, academic activities and extracurricular activities arrangement. On the application stage, she helped on college selection, essays writing - from topics to grammar and rhetoric, she even went through each detail application form with us!  She is truly a guarantee for the quality and progress of the entire application process. Ann has amazing energy and wisdom. She often immediately identify varies problems or potential issues in applications and give perfect solutions. She really provided completed support for the entire college application process, even after my kid submitted the applications, she gave interview guide, follow-up application updates, etc. Her guidance covers every single steps of applications ahead of each times. Driven by Ann's comprehensive, accurate expertise and extremely perfect communication skills, we the parents and kid can actively cooperate and smoothly finished the application. As a result, my kid got early admission of Princeton, the dream school. We really appreciate and admire Ann's positive energy and the extraordinary ability for inspire students enthusiasm. I am very grateful to meet Ann, and have her as my kid's college counselor!"

"Ann Lee 是我见到过的最好的升学顾问。她非常专业,有责任心,聪明,热情,真诚。从一开始她就花了很多时间与我们交流沟通,详细了解孩子的各方面情况,在此基础上制定了详尽的全年申学计划,包括每个细节步骤和时间表。她超强的执行力非常适合我的孩子,对于自控能力不夠,不成熟的高中生帮助极大。Ann 对我孩子的高中课程选择,标准考试准备,学术活动和课外活动安排进行了详细而深入的指导。在申请阶段,她帮助大学选择,论文写作 - 从主题到语法和修辞,她甚至还和我们一起浏览了每个详细的申请表格!她确实是整个申请质量和进程的保证。Ann 拥有惊人的能量和智慧。她经常即时发现申请中的各种问题或潜在问题,并提供完美的解决方案。她为整个大学申请流程提供了完整的支持,即使在孩子提交申请后,她也提供了面试指南,后续申请更新等。她的指导及时涵盖了申请的每一个步骤。在Ann的全面,准确的专业知识和极其完善的沟通技巧的推动下,我们父母和孩子可以积极配合并顺利完成申请,孩子提前入学梦想学校普林斯顿。我们非常欣赏和佩服Ann的正能量和激发学生热情的非凡能力。非常感恩能遇到Ann,让她成为孩子的大学升学顾问!"

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